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How to Keep Your Pool Cover From Sagging During the Winter

Winter is a time when all your pool equipment must be stored away, and to ensure its strength against elements like snow and rain, make sure your cover has enough support. Unfortunately, when snow and rain accumulate on it during this season, your cover may become loose or even sag as a result.

How to Prevent Your Pool Cover from Sagging

There are several steps you can take to help keep your pool cover from sagging during the winter months. These include correctly sizing the cover, taking out water from inside it, and tightening its straps.

Sizing the Appropriate Cover

Overweight pool covers are often to blame for sagging pool covers. A pool cover should not span across the entire pool, but instead be placed so that it rests partially or entirely on top of the water’s surface.

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For extended protection against snow and rain damage, we suggest using a 3′ grid design safety pool cover. Not only will this increase its strength, but it will also prevent it from sagging. With this setup, snow cannot accumulate on top of the cover causing any sagging during wintertime.

Remove Debris – When the weather is harsh, debris such as leaves and branches can accumulate on your pool cover. This could cause it to sag or collapse into the pool, creating a hazardous situation for anyone walking by the pool.

Skim away the debris with a skimmer equipped with either a deep net, or use a leaf rake – both easy-to-use tools that will help clear away any cover of dirt quickly.

Sprinkle Pool Salt across the Cover – If your area experiences a lot of snowfall, adding salt to your cover might help it melt faster. In cold climates, using a pool cover pump is also recommended to get rid of any extra water that accumulates on it during wintertime.

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Pool cover pumps may seem expensive, but the expense pays off in the long run. No longer do you have to struggle with clearing your pool cover of all debris and snow that has built up over winter. With a pump installed, you will save yourself the effort of clearing away that accumulation.

Avoid Placing Anything Over the Cover – It may be tempting to place something over your pool cover in an effort to secure it, but doing so could cause it to sag and cause inconvenience as well as damage or destruction to both the cover and swimming pool.

Mark Your Pool Edges with Tape or Marker – When there is snow covering the ground, it can be difficult to discern where your pool’s edges are. To prevent this, mark them with tape or marker so you are certain to put the cover in its correct spot.