white and grey rabbit
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How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Rabbits may be cute and cuddly, but they’re also a serious garden pest. From lettuce to beans and petunias, rabbits will eat everything in their path – destroying your prized blooms in the process!

Thankfully, there are several methods to stop these pests from depriving your flowers and vegetables of essential nutrients. First, create a physical barrier that prevents rabbits from easily hopping over or around it.

Fencing is one option, though it’s expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, try hardware cloth or chicken wire instead. Make the fence at least three feet high and bury its base several inches below ground level so rabbits cannot burrow underneath it.

An alternative option is to include rabbit-resistant plants in your garden. While they may take more effort and care to locate and keep healthy, these deterrents will keep rabbits away from damaging the plants you care about most.

If you can’t secure your garden with fencing or plants, try setting up individual cages for each plant in the area. That way, bunnies won’t be able to break through the cage and get at your prized harvest.

brown rabbit in the forest
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Some people employ smelly substances as a deterrent, such as predator urine and bone meal. Whether placed around the garden or sprinkled on specific plants, these solutions may work to deter rabbits.

Rabbits possess an acute sense of smell as well as keen hearing capabilities, capable of picking up on sounds such as those made by birds, snakes and even cats. You can use wind chimes, aluminum cans, pie tins or other resonating objects to tempt them away from your garden.

Humane traps are another popular solution to control these furry garden invaders. You can find them at garden supply stores and online, though be aware that some may be lethal to certain animals.

Sprays and repellents can also be effective at keeping rabbits away from your garden. You can buy commercially made products or make your own at home using ingredients already in your pantry.

brown rabbit near the window
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You may also try scattering dried sulfur or powdered red pepper around your garden to deter rabbits from snacking on your crops. Or, mix onions, garlic, and peppers together in a pot of water and spray the plants with this solution.

If these methods don’t work, it may be time for more drastic measures. Depending on what species of rabbit you have in your garden, you might consider using poison to rid yourself of these pests.

You could also try using humane traps that are designed to scare rabbits away from your garden. Traps may be purchased at various animal control agencies.

If these tactics don’t work for you, consider moving your garden and planting it differently. Although this can be more difficult, the reward of protecting your crops and having a vibrant, healthy garden again is worth the effort.