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How to Keep Chickens Out of Your Garden

When gardening, you want to ensure the plants you’re growing are secure from scavengers like chickens. After all, they enjoy eating the vegetables you grow – which can be detrimental for the garden. If you have a large flock of chickens, they could become a serious risk for your outdoor space.

Fortunately, there are various methods to keep chickens out of your flower garden without harming the plants you’re growing. It may take some trial-and-error to find what works best for you, but there are a few things that can help ensure your chickens avoid your yard.

Tip #1: Install a physical barrier or fence to keep chickens out of your garden. A fence of six feet high should be sufficient, and this also stops them from scratching up your flower beds or causing other damage to the plants.

Chicken wire should be used for fencing, as chickens have a propensity for chewing through it. Wrap the wire around stakes and then weave vertically so that the entire structure remains secure.

You may want to put a brick, gravel or stone walkway around the area you wish to protect from chickens. This will discourage them from trampling over dirt and taking dust baths in that area which could damage the soil.

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If your garden is unprotected by a fence, try planting herbs that won’t be eaten by chickens such as garlic and onions. These hardy perennials are deeply rooted into the ground, making them difficult for chickens to access and consume.

Chickens often avoid plants such as nasturtiums, impatiens, alyssum and petunias by planting them in places they cannot reach – like between bricks on your chicken run. Planting these will make it more difficult for the birds to try and eat them.

Tip #2: Use a weed blocker or mulch to reduce the amount of dirt and bugs your chickens dig in. Weeds attract chickens to your yard, while they also pick out worms and insects that could harm your plants.

Weed blockers and mulch can keep dirt, worms, and chickens out of your garden; however, they won’t stop the chickens from digging up and ruining your vegetables. If you don’t have many weeds to contend with, an organic herbicide may be necessary to deter birds.

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Alternatively, you can plant flowers in tight spaces where pests won’t be able to get. For instance, planting nasturtium seeds between bricks in your chicken run or planting them around existing garden beds are two great options.

You can also sprinkle spices in your garden to deter chickens from grazing on it. If they venture into the yard, the spices will give them a burning sensation that will send them running. Plus, their scent will distract them and prevent any temptation to nibble at your produce.