brown and orange bird
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How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

Birds are beautiful and fascinating creatures, but they can also be a nuisance in the garden. In addition to eating flowers, birds can also spread disease and devalue your property. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep birds out of your garden.

1. The most obvious and inexpensive way to deter birds is by using a physical barrier, like netting.

“It’s the only sure-fire way to keep them out,” explains Pippa Greenwood, author of The American Horticultural Society’s Pest & Disease Handbook. Putting up a barrier, such as butterfly netting, will prevent the birds from pecking at your plants and keep them from nesting or laying eggs nearby. But Pullen cautions that netting needs to be elevated, rather than laid directly onto your plants, so the birds don’t land on top and peck straight through it. To install netting, use bamboo poles, fence posts, or tall stakes to create a framework that can support the netting and prevent it from damaging your plants.

fake owl in the railstation
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2. Realistic decoys that mimic predators are another way to scare away unwanted birds.

A fake owl or rubber snake perched in the limbs of your favorite flower or fruit plant will fool birds into thinking they’re a real thing and cause them to flee. To make the decoys more realistic, move them around your garden every few days.

3. Optical gels and reflective surveyor’s tape are another way to deter birds.
When placed in strategic locations, optical gels and reflective surveyor’s tape make it difficult for birds to see and locate the plants they want to eat. It can also be a great way to deter rabbits, squirrels, and other wildlife that might otherwise eat your flowers or fruit.

4. Wind spinners are another effective way to scare away birds.
When wind spinners are hung in strategic locations, they can catch the breeze and get airborne, causing them to spin. As the wind spinners pick up speed, they can cause the bird to lose interest in your garden and fly away.

brown labrador with flower
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5. Animals are also a good way to scare birds away.
Having an outdoor cat or dog is an effective deterrent for many types of birds, and it can be an affordable way to deter them from your yard. You might also try letting your pet out into the garden once in a while, as it will help them to be more accustomed to the area and less likely to approach it for food or a drink of water.

6. If your bird problem is a serious one, consider the use of deterrents and sprays.
While these solutions are effective, you may need to experiment to find a solution that works for you. A spray that will prevent the birds from consuming your flowers or a repellent that will keep them from destroying your vegetables will only work if it’s used correctly and consistently.

While birds can be a bother, they’re also beautiful and hardworking allies that can help your garden by munching on pests. When you’re dealing with a large flock of birds, it’s important to remember that they’re doing their job by consuming your crops and keeping your garden healthy.