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How to Change Blade on a Dewalt Miter Saw

When changing a blade on a dewalt miter saw, there are certain steps that must be taken in order to do it safely and prevent any potential damages to the tool. By following these instructions carefully, you can ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Step #1: Unplug the Miter Saw

To begin, it is essential to unplug the power source from your machine in order to prevent any electrical issues. This is an essential step – make sure you do it correctly and avoid making any mistakes.

Step #2: Loosen the Bracket Screws

Before changing a blade on a Dewalt miter saw, you must loosen the bracket screws so that the tab holding the blade guard can slide up and be removed. Doing this allows for the removal of the old blade and replacement with a new one.

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Step #3: Locate the Spindle Lock Button

Once the blade has been taken off, locate the spindle lock button on your miter saw. It should be located opposite of where the blade bolt goes; it will look like a black push button.

Model to model, the location should be straightforward to discover.

Now, use the tool used to remove the old blade to loosen its bolt. With this, you should be able to take out the new blade without any difficulty.

Step #4: Insert the New Blade

Once all screws have been unlocked, open up the blade guard on your miter saw. Depending on which model it is, this may require using a screwdriver; most of them do.

You may need to jiggle the blade guard a bit in order to free it, but should be able to do so easily with minimal effort.

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Step #5: Install the New Blade

Now that you have your new blade, it is time to set it into your saw. Be sure to align it with the holes on the arbor shaft so it attaches securely. Tightening the arbor nut until snug but not overtightened will prevent wobbling of the saw during use.

If you feel uneasy with this process, there is always the option of hiring a professional for assistance. They will be able to guide you through each step.

Use only blades specifically designed for your miter saw model and brand. Doing this will protect the blade from damage, as well as help shield you against cutting yourself while using it.